Data Analysis Unit

Through tons of discussion, hands on learning opportunities and  self-discovery, this unit allows students to dig deeper into the world of graphing. Using real life-scenarios to strengthen understanding and engagement,  lessons include information on topics such as data collection, advantages and disadvantages of graphs, misrepresentations of graphing, and the manipulation of graphs to create a bias in the media.

Students will need to complete a Data Analysis project by the end of this unit that encompasses all learning experiences throughout the unit of study. This is to ensure that students not only understand, but appreciate the value that comes from representing and
interpreting data appropriately. In this assignment, students will gain the skills and knowledge to collect their own data and represent it in a number of ways while justifying their reasoning for each representation. Students will then take part in a self-assessment and reflection of their overall learning experience and their final work task.

IMG_0470 (1)For  the full unit outline, visit this  Data Analysis Unit document.

The best learning experiences for this unit of study will occur when students have the opportunity to participate in group discussion and hands on learning activities. Implementing real life scenarios will allow students to make personal connections to gain a deeper knowledge of the content presented.

Final Assignment Description and Rubric

Lesson #1 – Introduction: Data Collection

Lesson #2 – Choosing the Right Graph

Lesson #3 – Misrepresenting Data

Lesson #4 – Bias Perceptions of Data

Lesson #5 – Final Review and Assignment